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Affiliate Marketing Tips 8 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website

Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Holtom

If you've recently become involved in affiliate marketing but are stuck for ideas on how to promote your website, then not to worry - I'm going to share 8 easy ways that you can get your website out there and known about. I regularly use all of these methods to promote my online businesses. These methods are not going to cost you a lot of money and you should experience some positive results within days. 
Use the media for advertising. 
General media advertising might not be such a lucrative idea - but specialist publications can bring the type of results that you are looking for. For example if you have a website selling affiliate marketing gardening products, then take a look at horticultural and gardening magazines for promotion. Alternatively, you can always offer to write for a local newspaper with a weekly column.
Show your website address. 
Add your website address to your email signatures, business cards, Facebook page, anywhere that you can. Sit down and make a list now of all the places that you can add your website address now - you could even buy a car door magnet or bumper sticker online to advertise. 

Hand out leaflets. 
Your local post office can help you by handing out leaflets in the mail that advertise your website and business. Use recycled paper so that you aren't adding to any global issues. 
Attend specialist events. 
Trade fairs for your niche industry are the ideal place to promote your website and your affiliate marketing products. All of the attendees will be relevant and you never know who you might meet to set up a joint venture or partnership with. 
Participate on discussion forums. 
Find relevant forums online and interact with the other users. Be sure to create a signature that will link back to your website and explain what you offer. 
Develop your blog site. 
Add a regular blog post to your site and visit others in your niche to leave comments and support. The blog owners and other readers will pay you a visit to read what you have written about. Be sure that your blog has useful information or controversial views to attract readers.
Use Google Adwords. 
This solution can bring you a nice stream of targeted visitors for not much cost and many affiliate marketing professionals use this to their success. Another way to reach interested parties is to use the powerful marketing platform that Facebook offers. It's easy to define exactly who you want the advertisement to be displayed to - this way you're not just operating in the dark - you are more likely to reach the type of buyer that you are looking for. 
Create an affiliate program. 
If you've got something to sell, then set up an affiliate marketing program to enable others to sell your products for you. You won't need to do much advertising if you've got hundreds of people doing it for you - all for a percentage of the profits. They will also only get paid if they sell - the ideal sales employee. 
There are many other ways that you can attract traffic to your site, however, these have worked very well for me. By taking action every day you'll be the owner of a well visited site or affiliate marketing link within weeks.

Andrew Holtom is an experienced and accomplished online marketer. Andrew enjoys introducing newcomers to the profits of internet marketing and the skills required to successfully market affiliate products. To find out more and grab a free 94 page guide to starting your own online business, visit http://www.webmarketinformation.com
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