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Are you producing a new client-server project in .NET? Concerned about the numerous security troubles connected with different implementations of secure communication protocols? Care about compatibility and reliability of your new project? Want to make a future-proof item with no technical support calls? Use ready-produced .NET SFTP and SSH components to add assistance for the industry-standard communication protocols! SFTPBlackbox makes the development procedure straightforward, top your .NET team straight to deployment. Enclosing SFTP and SSH protocols into a set of .NET components, SFTPBlackbox tends to make for a ideal developer's companion. No require to concentrate on every little implementation detail in SFTP and SSH protocols. No need to have to worry about security holes or porting C++ algorithms into C# or VB.NET. Integrate .NET with SFTP and SSH protocols seamlessly with SFTPBlackbox! Have no past expertise in communication or security? New to SSH and SFTP .NET development? Add SFTP and SSH protocols to.C#, VB.NET or .NET Framework projects in minutes! Utilizing prepared-created SFTP .NET components lifts all SSH, SFTP or security encounter needs from the developers. SFTPBlackbox permits you to deploy the .NET project sooner, and get a clean, reusable .NET code. Every SSH and SFTP function is implemented call soon after call and approach soon after method, leaving no place to any security holes or reliability issues. SFTPBlackbox has been created by the experts with strict industry standards in mind. SFTP and SSH components supplied with SFTPBlackbox are strictly regular-compliant and complete-featured as nicely. SFTPBlackbox produces a very compatible, robust code and assures you are your item will work with no issues for years to come! Distinct varieties of licenses enable significant corporations to appreciate the power of SFTP .NET and SSH .NET components, whilst smaller firms and individual developers will discover it very reasonably priced. SFTPBlackbox is one of the best SFTP and SSH components for the .NET atmosphere. Download SFTPBlackbox from and open a supplied sample project in C# or Visual Simple.NET (VB.NET) atmosphere to see how clean and straightforward o realize the resulting .NET code is, and how quick it becomes to create an SFTP application in any .NET language from the ground up! return to site

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