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stem cell therapy hit the limelight in November 1998, after researchers very first reported that they had isolated stem cell review. These cells, isolated from embryos that were numerous days old, can theoretically be differentiated into any kind of cell during the human body, from blood cells to brain cells to muscle cells. This was large news on the scientific front because scientists hoped to use these cells to repair damaged cells and tissue in adult humans. Unfortunately this research breakthrough also made a host of stem cell research problems that are even now being debated today. So what is the big fuss about these research issues? Most with the controversy centers on the fact that the stem cell guide arrive from embryos and scientists need to destroy the embryos to harvest the stem cells. Many pro-life and religious groups argue that an embryo represents a human life and that embryonic stem cell jobs is equivalent to murdering human lives. There are currently several sources of embryos, for example aborted fetuses and fertility clinics (which have thousands of unwanted frozen embryos). All of these sources are currently undergoing serious scrutiny from the government and many lobbying groups.

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