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Use a waterproof housing to shoot underwater video.

Indoor swimming pools provide both entertainment and exercise, as effectively as opportunities to family entertaining. If you're hoping to videotape certain about your swimming sessions, you require to maintain the camera dry. Quite a few companies produce watertight housings for movie cameras for solely similar a purpose. Have the camera to the pool, slip to the water and videotape the action over also below the area.


1 A continental the camera to the properly sized waterproof housing. Most camera provide shops transport some range regarding housings. If you're not sure which to purchase, take your camera to the store and have a shop professional assist with the selection.

2 Anticipate the underwater movie shot. Keep in mind, memory is cheap. Hit the "Document" button before the issue you wish to record comes in look at, and carry on to file a few seconds afterward.

3 Keep indoor soft sources behind you unless you wish to video silhouettes. Placement yourself so the inside light sources are throughout your shoulder, allowing you to view the shot without having the gentle ruining the movie. Numerous indoor pools maintain underwater lights; check the position before you hit "Report."

4 Continue to be all the same. Try out not to use the zoom button too regularly, mainly because the result is a bouncy and uneven video. Stay but also let the action move all over you. In deep drinking water, tread water while holding the camera as still since possible.

5 Count to 10 on each and every shot. A video camera is not a yet camera. Brief clips or recordings made too rapidly result with clumsy manufacturings. Hit "Record," focus on the subject also count to 10. Then stop recording.

SJB Productions Underwater Photography Guide

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