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There are three basic structures to Web sites: linear, tiered or webbed. Which some you use yous basically determined by your intent. The fundamental principle regarding Web design remains centered around 1 fact: People go online to research for information. The way in which you design your Web site depends on the type and amount regarding content you have, and the way in which you intend for that is content to be shared. So, which structure is correct with you?

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1 If you have one product to market, you might just need any 1-page sales website. Make your site a linear Web site focused on marketing that a product.

2 If your Web website is one instructional Web site that is teaches people action-by-action the way to achieve unique thing, after that all you need is any linear Web website.

3 If you have a long tale, news or a narrative, next a linear web structure yous possibly the best structure to you.

4 You may possibly furthermore decide to use any linear framework for your web site, therefore after convert it to a tiered or webbed structure.


2 Inside a 3-tiered Web structure, your home page will link to all Tier 2 pages and every Tier 2 Web page will, on turn, link to a few Tier 3 pages. Tier 3 pages generally complete never link back to the home page, except they can if you desire them to.

4 Next, pull any line away from each Tier 2 page to additional boxes labelled 3Aa, 3Ab, 3Ac; 3Ba, 3Bb, 3Bc; and so forth, where 3A boxes derive from 2A and 3B boxes derive out of 2B also then on. Make a note since to what each box represents.

5 If you have a large topic that may be written nearly easily in terms about its subparts, then this framework will potential be some great bet to you.

6 You need to create some keyword research prior to you attempt this Web structure to ensure that is there remains adequate material to support a tiered Web framework. If there yous other information accessible on the subject and you have the time, grit and incentive to pursue it, go for it.


1 The webbed structure remains some bit extra elaborate than either regarding the other two. However, many successful Web websites use this structure.

2 If you plan to create a membership site that allows users utmost flexibility with features also collections, love MySpace, eBay also directories, then this Web structure will work for you.

3 If your Web website yous information-based and requires some good deal about attention to cross-referencing, then some webbed structure yous the best format. Examples include Wikipedia and dictionary Web sites.

4 If you are building a catalog Web site everywhere customers will be able to go from one product "room" to another and construct "shopping carts" with varied types regarding products since they would in a department store (believe website), then a webbed structure is the greatest framework for your Web site.

5 Usually speaking, interactive Web sites are best suited for the Web structure.

Tips & Warnings

Storyboard your Web website prior to you start building, no matter which structure you use. Don't get in over your head off. If you are new to making Web sites, stick with the linear structure until you figure away what you are undertaking, then go on to bigger and far better things.

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