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  • Fix DCSC backup solution ASAP (Pechin, Yan)
  • document backup system and keep backup script updated (Pechin, Jon)
  • additional howtos (backup system for laptops etc.)
  • check that required holes are open in new firewall and document (emerge sync should work, svn, etc.) (Stefan)
  • Will DCSC backup ever work again? If not find a new solution (All). Tivoli software may be a solution.
  • expand knowledge of email list to users
  • staff email list (Pechin)
  • logs on wiki (copy from /root/log.txt)
  • this wiki :-) (Stefan (for now))
  • transfer Pechin's brain (and rights) to Stefan and Rune (Stefan, Pechin, Rune)


Image server

  • Buy a new harddisk for (we need more space and S�ren H. wants to publish some ground truth data). (Kim?)
  • Update Gentoo (approx. every 2-3 months) (Stefan)
  • mysql: latin8 -> utf (Rune)
  • Make bachelor project proposal for bibtex and Curis merge (Jon: No interested students. Rune attempts to see how fast he can get)
  • Migrate vital information from homepage to image group page under DIKU CMS. Lav forward fra til gruppe siden. (Jon)
  • The wiki is open for all users to write to - do we want that?
  • Correct ntp (Rune done)
  • check sanity of svn databases (need info on what to check for) (ignore)
  • Find project management software and install (stefan)
  • homepages (keep teaching information up to date, layout from diku pages, personal pages, etc.) (Chen and Rune)
  • reinstall Grub on all machines (add responsible)
  • update image disk server 3 (Jon, Pechin, Stefan)

Image cluster

  • Officegrid: VIP and student queue with low priority to student queue? (Kim)
  • Update Gentoo (approx. every 2-3 months) (Stefan, Jon)
  • Officegrid update (Kim done)
  • Correct ntp (Rune done)
  • Collect usage statistics (Rune: done, now running)
  • Install the newest version of Matlab or at least 7.6 with local license on imagediskserver 1 and 3. Make sure the installation is the same on all machines (Who wants to do this??)
  • update matlab. License is about to run out so this has high priority (add responsible)
  • standardise system setups within group of similar machines (imageservers and imagediskservers) (Jon)

DIKU system

  • Ask science-it to merge scratch disks under /usr/local/image (Jon: Science-it claims to wait for backup solution to DCSC)
  • look into image user on tyr/ (ignore)

Brians cluster

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