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All users on the cluster have read and write access to various directories for temporary data - what we will call scratch disk space. On all machines the following two directories are available:


Both of these directories are handled by NFS so you see the same content on all machines.

Besides these directories each imageserver1-3 has a local scratch directory only available on the individual machines. This directory is called:


If you want to use this scratch space you should create a directory named after your login in one of the 3 scratch directories. Ex. my login is myuser:

mkdir /image/scratch1/myuser

To avoid creating a big mess, please store all your files in scratch under your directory.

The directories /image/localscratch are stored on local disks on imageservers and are therefore much faster to access than the directories handled by NFS. Therefore if you need to read/write a lot it might be a good idea to use the localscratch space and then clean up by moving whatever you need somewhere else once your program finishes.

NOTE: We have no plans of making backup of scratch space so don't store important things here.

To begin with non, but if the scratch disks are full you should probably delete some of your old files that you don't use. Please be considered on the /image/localscratch disks because they have a limited amount of disk space (101 GB), so it might be a good idea to clean up once your program has finished.

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