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At DIKU we have 4 Evolution Scorpion robots, which were purchased to replace the Eyebots. The Scorpions don't have their own processor, so you need to connect an external computer through USB.

The robots can be control with the ERSP software platform. Limited support using the Player/Stage/Gazebo platform is also available using the ERSP Player driver.

Since the robots are purchased by the Image Group it is obvious to use them as a Vision platform. For this, it is recommended to use OpenCV, which works fine with ERSP as long as ERSP doesn't use the camera.

The robots come with a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 webcam. This camera is very wide-angle and gives a strong Barrel distortion. To undistort the image, the camera was calibrated, see "Kalibrering af Scorpion robotternes kamera" (in Danish).

Using the Robots

To use the robots, you need

  • Access to the Image Lab. You should consult your supervisor to get a key.
  • Access to a laptop with ERSP installed. You should talk with your supervisor and Peter Johansen about this.

To execute a program on the robots you need to

  • Compile and link your program against ERSP.
  • Connect you computer to the robot, and turn the robot on.
  • Execute your program.

When you're done with the robot

  • Turn it off! Other people might need the robot after you :-)
  • Put it back in the cabinets and plug in the recharger.
  • Lock the robot.

If you fail to comply with these rules, we'll hunt you down...


If you find interesting hardware to extend our Scorpions robots at DIKU - please add it to the following list.

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