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This page contains various informations that are relevant to participants of the course "Robot Eksperimentarium", 2006.



Det ser ud til at de studerende p� kurset ikke forst�r hvad det betyder at rydde op efter sig selv. S� her er et par hints:

  • Hvis man �bner et vindue, skal man lukke det efter sig.
  • Hvis man tager noget ud af et skab skal man stille det tilbage i samme skab.
  • Hvis man har siddet p� en stol, skal man ikke placere den p� midten af gulvet n�r man er f�rdig med at sidde p� stolen. (Det overlades som en �velse til l�seren at gennemskue hvor en stol s� skal placeres efter brug).
  • Hvis man har f�et en kop kaffe el.lign. udenfor billedlab, skal man stille den tomme kop op i kantinen efter brug.
  • Hvis man har drejet p� Rubiks terningen, s� drejer man p� den til den er l�st igen. Kan du s� forst� det Marianne?

med v�mmelig hilsen, S�ren


Du kan se hvorn�r din gruppe skal op p� denne side.

Tips and Tricks: Share your hard earned knowledge

Tips & Tricks : Exercise 2
Tips & Tricks : Exercise 3
Tips & Tricks : Exercise 4 & 5

The ISIS discussion forum can be used for posting questions.

Students following the course, 7/9/06

Here is a page showing the students following the course.


The exercises for the course can be found in Robotopgaver 2006 (previously here) (in Danish).

The Robots

This year we'll be using the newly purchased Evolution Scorpion Robots. For controlling the robot hardware we'll be using ERSP, and for image processesing we'll be using OpenCV.

To use the robot you'll need access to a computer with ERSP installed. We have 7 such laptops that can be borrowed for a day. To reserve a laptop you need to fill in your name on the reservation forms that can be found in the Image lab. A laptop should always be turned in the next day between 9:15 and 9:40 (except on weekends), and laptops will be handed out to the next person in line between 9:40 and 10:00. You must respect this system! Otherwise we might not let you borrow a laptop again!

If you're having any problems with the laptops for the robot, please contact S�ren Hauberg. You should also report you problems at the bottom of this page (please write your name and the date of report on the page as well).


To keep track of which students are working together, we have this list of groups. Please make sure that you're in the right group.


The SVN Repository

There is a subversion repository for the course. Since you can't be garantied to work on the same laptop twice it is recommended to use the SVN repository to keep track of your code.

To use the repository you need an account on, which can be acquired by contacting S�ren Hauberg.

To work with the code, the first only first time you must make a local copy on your local account via the checkout command:

svn checkout svn+ssh:// Robot-GROUP_NUMBER/

Where GROUP_NUMBER is the number of your group. You might need to enter your password several times. Please note that you need external access, so from the DIKU UNIX system, you need to work on tyr, ask, etc..

This should creat a local directory called Robot-GROUP_NUMBER/ on your local account containing the trunk of the repository. Later revisions can be obtained by,

svn update

To write to the repository simply use

svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

The work recommended workprocess is:

Before you start the days work do:
 svn update
Make your editing and once in a while and definitely when your are done do:
 svn update
 svn commit -m "My short description of what I did for the record"

If you need access to your files, but don't have a SVN client installed, you can use the web frontend at

More information on subversion may be found on and


The robotics platform used on the course is called ERSP (Evolution Robotics Software Platform, I think). You can find a short tutorial on how the platform works here.


For image processesing we use the OpenCV library. You can find a short tutorial on OpenCV here.

The Robot Camera

The robots use a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 webcam to acquire images. The internal parameters of this camera can be changed since it uses the pwc driver.

The camera has been calibrated to compensate for the Barrel distortion. See Kalibrering af Scorpion robotternes kamera (in Danish).

Object tracking

If you need to track an objects position in an image sequence, you can use the Two Stage Hybrid Tracker.

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