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The 1968 Ford F-1 website internet site pickup was component of Ford's fifth generation of F-Collection trucks. The F-1 website internet site, F-25 website and F-35 website pickups produced out of 1967 by means of 1972 had many similarities, by the primary differences found in the suspension, drive train and axles. These similarities translate to a broad array about options when replacing parts on the 1968 F-1 website website. Occasionally, you can come across a fifth generation pickup that is's been left to rust or otherwise deserted with the back row of exclusive auto salvage yard. Having your toolbox handy saves time and money whilst replacing parts on any 1968 Ford F-1 website website pickup truck.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

Normal gauge sockets and ratchet Standard gauge wrenches Allen wrench collection Phillips screwdriver

Engine Accessories

1 Loosen the alternator belt-tension bolt and receive the belt away the alternator pulley. Loosen and remove the lower alternator bolt and lay down the alternator on the engine. Remove the two bolts that hold the alternator bracket to the front of the engine block. Remove the bracket and attach the replacement bracket to the engine prevent.

2 Disconnect the upper and decrease radiator hoses from the radiator. Disconnect the transmission lines in the bottom of the radiator. Remove the upper and decrease radiator bolts and lift the radiator out. Put in the replacement radiator using the saved bolts. Reconnect the transmission lines and radiator hoses.

3 Achieve increase underneath the dashboard on the driver's side and remove the clip also pin that that connects the top about the brake pedal to the brake equip. Boost the hood to access the engine compartment. Loosen and remove the fitting that link the brake lines to the expert cylinder. Pull the 1/2-inch vacuum hose off the plastic fitting on the vacuum booster.

Body Parts

1 Raise the hood on a fifth generation pickup plus support it wide open with sticks or ask an aide to hold the hood wide open. Remove the hinge bolts at each and every side and lift the hood away the truck. The hood lines up plus bolts to the hinges on your 1968 F-1 website internet site.

2 Lower the tailgate on your truck. Loosen plus remove two bolts that handle every of the cylinder hinges by the again corners of the bed. Slide the tailgate away of the opening and take the cylinder hinges from regarding every end. Insert the hinges into the replacement tailgate and mount it on your truck using the saved hinge bolts.

3 Jack up unique side about the front end to replace a fender. Remove the wheel and tire. Loosen also remove the body bolts with the underside of the fender. Bring up the hood and remove the higher physique bolts that hold the fender at the side of the engine compartment. Pull the fender away. Attach the replacement fender using the saved physique bolts.

Interior Accessories

1 Remove the small Allen bolt that holds the window lever to the crank fitting. Remove double Phillips-mind screws that hold the armrest to the door panel. Attach the replacement window lever or armrest using the saved bolt or screws.

2 Loosen and remove the bolts at the top of each and every seat rail. Lift the chair latch also slide the chair all the way forward. Remove the chair rail bolts at the again end of the rails on each side. Lift the chair and rail assembly out of the van. Attach the existing rails to the replacement chair or install the replacement seat plus rails using the saved bolts.

3 Remove the screws that secure the metal headliner trim to the cab. Remove the trim piece. Pop the lens away the expense light from hand. Remove the screws that is store the light to the headliner. Consider the headliner out of the truck.

Tips & Cautions

Radiators differ in size. Method your existing radiator. Browse aftermarket parts sites or Ford van forums to find replacement parts. Spray old or rusted bolts with lubricant the day before removing parts.

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