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Instructions. Worlds Hardest Game.

1 Navigate to "The World's Hardest Game" inside your Web browser. Click "Begin," therefore "Play Game," then "Play Game" once again.

2 Click the speaker icon inside the lower right corner regarding the Windows desktop. Click "Mixer" to open Windows' Quantity Mixer controls.

3 Click the speaker icon underneath the name about your browser -- "Internet Explorer," for example, or "Google Chrome" -- to mute it. If you're performing "The World's Hardest Game" in Firefox, click the spokesman icon under "Plugin Container for Firefox."

4 Close the Quantity Mixer window also return to the game in your browser. You can right away play the game while listening to distinct music using your PC's media system or CD competitor.

Tips & Warnings

Use a 3rd-party flash-muting program to shut off the sound for "The World's Hardest Game" without affecting non-Flash browser audio. If you're playing "The World's Hardest Game 2," click the "Mute" button to shut away the tone.

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