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Use you PC and Smart Panel to teach with the classroom.

Difficulty: Simple


PC Smart Panel Projector

1 Open the Smart Panel plan. Click the start icon, and then click "all programs." Next, click on the "Clever Notebook" tab. When the window opens, click "New Notebook File." Some new window will appear with a blank white area plus several icons at the top and remaining side of the page. You may work the Smart Board through your mouse or use your finger on the whiteboard the similar way you would on a laptop PC . Located on the base regarding the Clever Board screen are four plastic looking markers in four bins. Choose increase some green marker and write your name in manuscript form. As you write, the words will show on the screen in the marker color. Replace the marker from the correct bin.

2 Use your index finger to tap on your name, and a box will look all over your name with any down arrow on the upper right corner. Click on the down arrow. Here are many options you can choose. If you click on your name, it will turn into standard print font. This program can recognize text if you write it in cursive. This application is a helpful device to use teaching writing abilities. Click the down arrow and click "Delete." This will remove your identify.

3 Tap on the picture frame icon on the left side. This will open up a gallery regarding items you may insert on the screen. Tap on the bar labeled images and double-tap any picture regarding your preference. The picture will appear on the screen. You can shift the image anywhere on the screen from placing the arrow cursor on the picture plus adding any little stress along with your finger to drag the picture wherever you need it. You must make constant contact with the Clever Board while moving the image.

4 Re-size the picture by pressing your finger on the gray colored circle on the bottom right corner. Press slightly harder, and drag outward until the image grows to the size you want. You can generate the picture smaller by dragging inward.

5 Tilt the image in various angles in pressing your finger on the gray colored circle on the top center regarding the image. Maintain your finger towards the Clever Panel and progress your finger in a circular motion till the image is with the right position.

6 Produce multiple copies of the picture through tapping your finger on the image. Next, click on the lower arrow, and click "Boundless cloner." The box around your image will disappear. It looks enjoy zilch has happened. Click on the picture and pull aside, also your picture will be duplicated. This device is great if a teacher wants to test the students' math counting capacity. The teacher may get scholars come increase to the board also have them clone whatever number she notify them. If you forget which picture you set on infinite clone, click on each picture until the gray box appears with the infinite mathematics symbol that looks prefer a sideways number eight. The picture by the infinite mathematics symbol is the picture employed to make more cloned pictures.

7 Using your finger, tap on the blue right arrow at the top remaining corner of the page. This will add another bare page to your screen. You can employ the left and right arrows to move back and forth through your pages. Tap on the picture frame, and tap on gallery samples folder. Inside the gallery samples folder, there are a great deal of pre-made activities like animations and interactive resources. These resources help you educate most subject matters. These are good activities to tutor upper grade science. Tap on the clickable bar labeled "Interactive Media." Hold your finger on the scroll down bar until you view an product labeled "Froguts." It looks like it is spelled incorrect, but this is the title. Double tap on that icon, and it will appear on your screen. This is a virtual frog dissecting activity. To start this activity, look at the vertical strip of icons on the right side tap regarding the top icon. The activity will begin with pining the frog to the mat. Next use the virtual scalpel to lower available the frog, and you can show each action to dissecting a frog so that all of the students can see free of any issues. There are many more activities from which to choose.

8 Tap on the floppy disk icon, or tap on "File." Any window will pop down giving you the alternative to save you work. Tap on "Save", select where to conserve your work and tap on "Save." Your function remains saved to use on class.

Think of the Smart Board being a gigantic feel screen system that operates want a laptop mouse. You need to update your Shrewd Board software once a calendar month.


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