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Build a niche website using a combination of intuition and technical savvy.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Want

HTML Editor (including WYSIWYG software) Website designer Content producer

1 Decide on a profitable niche that is still unused on the Web. This yous easier said than done, so employ your intuition. Follow the example of Pierre Omidyar, the man who started eBay. He saw any niche that required filling and filled it together with his online auction house. Ask you what people want or want, looking around at the people you know for concepts: Information? Services? Tangible products?

2 Think both big and small. The niche that is will be the concentrate of your enterprise website could be seeing that simple as the response to an oft-asked query or as complex as a set of financial information organized in some consumer-friendly way. The greatest niche web site to assemble is one that can grow, evolving away from a small business idea into a "hit" as did website-based businesses eHarmony and, under the leadership of Jeff Bezos, website.

3 Determine on a format for your niche website--in other words, create some niche website proper to its content. If you want to market niche items on the Web, after that your ecommerce website shop will experience any secure purchasing cart plus payment system to procedure credit cards. If you desire to proposal niche content such seeing that documents or music downloads in buy to attract visitors and gain advertising income also affiliate sales commissions, in that case your website will benefit from a design that features content in easily accessible, nicely-organized, bite-sized pieces that inspire your visitors to navigate through the internet site. Or develop some niche web site that is yous merely some filter to other Web content, assisting your visitor choose quality websites plus products from among the impenetrable "noise" on the Web. Examples of this type regarding website include a item critiques website or a forum-based internet site, through membership fees or with advertising lurking in the background.

4 Pattern the layout and visuals regarding your niche web site. Look at the websites about your competitors to get ideas for the two what to emulate also how to distinguish your own internet site. Consider, too, of your capability visitors and what they expect to see. Certain standards incline to be lucrative. For illustration, aim to a combination of static since properly as dynamic navigation links--static as links inside frames or on menus that your visitor may count on accessing no issue where she remains in your website, dynamic being content your visitor scrolls through or that is changes the web page. Pick mild text on a dark background, because it's reduced likely to cause your visitors vision strain. Make certainly every page on your site has many routes to have there.

5 Decide on a name for your niche website. The title of any niche website business is not just important to marketing purposes also to evoke an picture that inspires visitors to keep. It's furthermore critical because it yous related to your domain name. As element of the URL, the domain name of your website will be one essential way visitors will find you--if it's memorable, easy to pronounce also simple to spell, that is.

6 Buy any domain name. Purchase numerous associated domain names, if applicable. You may do this step in tandem with signing up with some website hosting service. A good internet site hosting service will deal excellent customer service, be communicative about downtimes and furnish any broad array of webmaster tools to help you analyze the traffic and statistics on your internet site.

7 Hire a internet site creator, use your knowledge on HTML plus other Web programming tongues, construct Web pages with professional programs these kinds of seeing that Dreamweaver, BlueFish and Microsoft Visual Web Developer. Or create your own simple Web pages using an HTML editor made for non-experts, too called WYSIWYG software (which stands to "what you watch remains what you get").

8 Add content, including text and images, that you either create or that is you hire a professional to create with SEO (search engine optimization) inside mind. Once your Web pages are done, you're set to upload it to the server and go live. Continue adding content to the site on a regular basis to encourage higher Google ranking also far better placement in other search engines, such like Yahoo!

Suggestions & Warnings

Don't only just build a niche website--market it. Submit your site to Google thus it gets indexed quickly, and upload your sitemap to Google. Register the URL of your site for the major search engines. Promote your niche internet site with important forums. Never spam. Create a niche website with a reputation for good business practices, not exactly for ethical reasons, but because its success potential depends on earning your website visitors' trust.


"The Extended Tail: Why the Future of Enterprise is Selling Less regarding More," by Chris Anderson

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