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ERSP Player driver documentation

In addition to the driver documentation that was part of the driver project, the sections below describe the newest changes and gives further information that we later found relevant for you as user of the driver.

The driver comes a one source package ready to download, make, indstall and run. You can get the erspplayerdriver sourcepackage as described below in Getting Started or on this page

Getting started

Do a checkout of the erspplayerdriver-project from the image SVN repository:

svn checkout svn+ssh://

This should give you the latest revision as mentioned above.

Change into the directory erspplayerdriver and make the driver, testprogram etc. by typing:


Connect and turn on the robot

Start the Player server with our configuration in one terminal by typing:

make player/scorpion.cfg

Try one of our testprogram compiled and ready to run in the erspplayerdriver directory, eg.:


Also try to type make test-help or make stage-help

Continue by reading the README files in the erspplayerdriver sourcepackage.

ERSP vs. Player/Stage

Why use our Player/Stage ERSP driver for the robots as a student on DIKU?

Beside the many features and benefits you get from the Player/Stage framework and software we would emphasize that ...:

  • You can install Player/Stage on your own laptop and thereby use our source package even without the robots propriotary ERSP software (that you are not allowed to install on your laptop)
  • You can benefit from the Stage-simulator when doing some prototyping or some of the program development for the robots
  • You can use algorithm, virtual drivers and other utils for Player/Stage
  • It just so more simple to get started using Player than ERSP. No ERSP "boiler-plate" code cluttering your robot program, just af few lines Player proxy configurations and your have your robot object ...


Latest revision

The last "final" version of the driver we have submitted is the SVN revision r856 29. august 2007, which contains the following changes:

  • Fix incompatibility with the SetReplacerule-method between Player version 2.0.2 and 2.0.4.
  • Fix a configuration file issue.
  • Add some extra small program for further testing and as examples of how to use the power interface.

We aim to update the documentation in the erspplayerdriver sourcepackage in the next "release".


Not yet documented.


Not yet documented.

Methods and implemented functions

Not yet documented.


Original documentation extracted from the ERSP Player Driver project:

  • User Manual for the ERSP Player driver (extraction of Chapter 8).
  • Writing Player/Stage drivers introduces the inner working of a driver and may serve as a starting point if you want to investigate the driver source code (extraction of Appendix A).

The ERSP Player Driver project page also contains a reading list with pointers to relevant Player/Stage literature.

References and Resources


The further development was done by Jonas, Carlson and Bue,

Don't hesitate to contact us (by email) if you have any questions regarding the driver or need a bugfix.

DIKU students and users, please contact us if you have a bugfix for the driver or if you want to develop it further.

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