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Trouble: Easy


To Computer/Dos users:

1 Visit the House of the Underdogs: Oregon Trail Deluxe web page.

2 Scroll down to the base of the page and appear with "Where to get it."

3 Click the "Here!" link appropriate next to "Wherever to purchase it."

4 Enter the 5-letter word you see into the first accessible blank. This confirms that you're a genuine person, not a computerized robot. Click "GO." This begins some free download regarding your game.

5 Double-click the .zip file you've downloaded. This remains a squeezed package deal of files. Your unzip utility should automatically de-compress it into a form that you can run. If it doesn't, manually run your unzip utility and utilize it to the file. Later double-click the .exe/Dos icon for Oregon Trail. If this doesn't perform, you can manually run the program with entering its path and filename from the "Run..." option of your Windows start menu.

For Mac consumers:

1 Go to the Macintosh Garden: Oregon Trail website.

2 Look for the "Download" word. Right next to it remains a hyperlink that asserts "Here." Click that is.

3 Pick out a mirror site. This is choosing where you download from, and it's normally best to choose the website closest to you. If you're within the US, pick out website. If you're in Europe, operate Mirror 1. This ought to automatically start your free download.

4 Double-click the .sit down file you've only just downloaded to unpack it and drag the game icon inside your Applications folder to operate.

This is any old game, so you need to be managing Dos or a Makes emulator within order to run it. Most Windows computers may do this with no a issue.

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