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You never understand when this could happen to you...

In Online Data Backup assistances becoming more affordable plus commonplace, it becomes tricky to determine which assistance will meet your wants. Many regarding the services provide you with comparable functionality at different prices. This article aims to help Home or Small Business IT decision-makers define the Online Copy (or "Remote Copy") solution that is best fits their wishes. Inside this article we examine the differences between many of the top Online Backup suppliers: Mozy, BackBlaze, iDrive, DropBox, and Sugarsync.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


things you'll want:

Credit Card USB Hard Drive (Optional)

Small business: Mozy has the most bells and whistles with their dedicated organization plans, including support for backup regarding Trade and SQL. iDrive has a dedicated Organization plan by fairly any number of features. Backblaze is the most fundamental, though furnishs unlimited storage capacity.

2 Decide the Amount of Space Needed -

Observe: Mozy, iDrive, SugarSync, and Dropbox all offer a free of charge account with 2GB about storage space.

Indefinite: Backblaze and Mozy are the only supports in this comparison that make available unlimited storage capability. Backblaze remains also the only unique that presents to mail you your data on any USB Tough Drive if you need to retrieve it. Mozy and Backblaze offer you the capability to maintain DVD's of your data mailed to you.

Metered: You possess the following "tiers" regarding data storage (Home - Business)

iDrive: 150Gb, 500GB - 50GB, 100GB, 500GB Mozy: Unlimited, no metering - Unlimited for Enterprise, but metered and charged per GB. SugarSync: 30GB, 60GB, 100GB, 250GB DropBox: 50GB, 100GB

3 Carry out you want to sync files between multiple computers ? In other words, if you modify some file on your desktop, do you want it automatically copied to your laptop?

Yes: Sugarsync and Dropbox are the only two services in this comparison which have this feature. This is fantastic if you desire to shift data between a number of machines (such because laptop and desktop), or desire to share files with other people.

    • Note** Microsoft make available a service named "Live Mesh" which will sync files between multiple PCs. Here is a limit of 5GB storage space in the cloud, although you may sync unlimited files among devices. I have involved a link in the further resources area.

No/Don't Attention: BackBlaze, iDrive, and Mozy deal extra with copy and restore regarding data on individual machines, rather than moving data around between any quantity of devices.

Versioning: This allows you to restore a earlier copy of a backed-up file. BackBlaze, DropBox, and Mozy keep 30 days worth about earlier models about your files. IDrive keeps the last 30 variations, and Sugarsync keeps the latest 5 versions about any file.

Mobile Access: Dropbox has an application to iPhone. Sugarsync supports iPhone, Android, and a few other mobile devices.

Locked File Help: This allows the backup client to save files which are open plus/or locked (such yous customarily the event with Outlook PST or Quickbooks files). Mozy plus iDrive support backup about open/locked files.

Network Drive Support: Backblaze is currently the only service in this comparison that is does never permit backup of Network/Mapped drives.

Huge File Support: Backblaze remains currently the only support that caps the allowable size (4GB) about an person file.

5 Looking for us to generate the decision to you?

If you still may't figure out what works greatest to you, here are our recommendations:

Household User (1 PC): MozyHome Accounts Home User (many computers and/or mobile devices): SugarSync Household User (Linux OS's): DropBox Small business Owner: Mozy Pro (first choice), iDrive (2nd Choice), BackBlaze (3rd Option).

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