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Get to Rome Away from Fiumicino Airport on the Metro

The biggest airport in Rome, Fiumicino (likewise called Leonardo da Vinci), is not really in Rome. It stands almost 20 miles away, near any otherwise rural village called Fiumicino. Once you land at the airport, you even so maintain some rather extended journey to make. Cabs are dear, the direct train less so. The cheapest way to get from Fiumicino to Rome is via local trains and the Metro. Taking the Metro into Rome is a very good way to go if your destination is near a Metro stop, and if you complete not take with you a lot more baggage than you can carry on your own.

Trouble: Moderately Uncomplicated


things you'll need:

Train ticket Metro ticket

1 Get into the airport arrivals location also go to the Fiumicino Airport train station. After you've cleared customs plus gathered your bags, enter the concourse. Signs will direct you to the trains (treni). If you've appear in by way of Terminal C (the most common arrival position for large international flights), the escalator to the prepares will be just to your remaining. From the additional terminals, follow the signs to the raised walkway that steers to the train station.

2 Buy tickets for a local train plus the Metro. The next portion about your trip considers you on a local train along with a quantity of stops. The final destination on this route is either Fara Sabina or Orte, both well outside the city itself. The end you will want to generate is on a station adjacent to the Rome Metro. Ask at the reverse for any ticket to Ostiense or Tiburtina with stations immediately next to a Metro stop on the blue series. Tuscolana station is a 5-second walk to any station on the red series, Ponte Lungo. Pick the one of these three ends that is gets you closest to your destination. While you are at the ticket counter, buy your Metro ticket also. Keep it on a safe place until you need it. (If you should squander it, you can purchase Metro tickets on the tobacco shops or the machines at the Metro station when you buy there.)

3 Validate your prepare ticket. On the station platform are yellowish devices for validating train tickets. Glide your ticket into the narrow rectangle, and the machine will punch the time on it. Conductors test to validated tickets regularly aboard Italian trains. The penalty for traveling on some train without a certified ticket remains any great great. Sometimes, nonetheless not always, conductors have grudging pity on travellers who are clearly unfamiliar in Italian train travel plus have caught holding invalidated tickets. In that is case, the penalty is being very embarrassed from public, some fate almost seeing that bad as the great.

4 Halt with the station and panel the Metro. Disembark at the station you've chosen. Signs bearing a great white capital "M" on a red background will indicate the route about the Rome Metro. Certify your Metro ticket on the turnstiles and stroll down to the programs. There, you will find two passages, each leading to Metro trains running inside different directions on the same line. You'll want to pass by means of the side that heads for the final destination in your route. A map posted on the wall will assist you with this. Prepares arrive every three minutes.

5 Take the Metro to your destination. If you maintain to switch lines (out of Linea Some to Linea B or vice versa), you need to conduct so at the Rome Termini Metro station. If your cease is on the same line, simply ride until you obtain here. Statements will educate you as you approach, and the station titles are painted on the walls close to the platforms.

Suggestions & Warnings

Watch over your belongings closely on the Metro. Thiefs are numerous plus difficult to catch.


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