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Trouble: Easy


Things You'll Need

The way in which to Fix Scratched XBox Video Games

1 Utilize toothpaste to the scratched surface of the disc and spread it around the surface. You don't get to completely cover the area, although make you guaranteed grab a good amount of coverage on the most heavily scratched regions.

2 Propagate any liberal amount about peanut butter immediately on top regarding the toothpaste, covering the most heavily scratched areas.

3 Using a report towel also a little little bit regarding pressure, function the peanut butter and toothpaste into the surface regarding the disc. Don't press too hard; simply buff the disc enough to get it clean or you might end up for more scratches. You want the tiny particles in the toothpaste plus peanut butter mixture to obtain to those scratches.

4 Utilize a new layer of toothpaste also peanut butter, working the surface with just enough stress to cover the surface evenly.

5 Using extra paper towel, start polishing the disc fresh. It might be a tiny more difficult to get the toothpaste also peanut butter off this moment, but make sure to use only gentle, powerful stress as you buff away the scratches. Wash some about the remaining toothpaste and peanut butter off the disc using warm water. Allow the disc to air-dry or use extra paper towel.

Tips & Warnings

Perform not press as well hard when cleaning off the disc. As well much pressure may create more scratches.

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