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The Java programming speech can be used to develop complex applications involving databases, tones and video. But, it can moreover be used to develop simple games, including word puzzles. A beneficial way to learn the way in which to make a game from Java is to copy, compile and run an existing one, such because the one that is follows.

Things You'll Need

The Java Development Kit from website

1 Download also install the Java Development Package (JDK) from website. Next, get into the plan code that creates the game: open awake Notepad (Start>"Notepad") and enter the following Java source code, which cope with the game. Be sure to enter the correct case of each letter. Save the source file with the filename theGame.java.

public category theGame

public theGame()

public static void principal (String args[])

String strGuess;

gameJudge qm = new gameJudge(); qm.pickWord(); //Open console for input Console c = Program.console(); if (c == null) System.err.println("No console."); System.exit(1);

while (!qm.gameEnded()) qm.displayWord(); System.out.format("You have %d attempts remaining.\n", qm.getRemainingGuesses() ); strGuess = c.readLine("Enter your guess: "); qm.judgeGuess(strGuess); // conclusion main loop

if (qm.blnWin() ) System.out.format("You Won! It took you %d attempts.\n", qm.nGuessesNeeded()); System.out.format( qm.getWord()); // if player won otherwise System.out.format("You lost. The word was %s\n", qm.getWord()); // if player won //end about main

2 Kind or enter the source code that represents the person who picks the random term. Achieve this with a new NotePad file called gameJudge.java. Save this file in the same folder because theGame.java.

import java.util.*;

public class gameJudge

confidential last int MAX_GUESSES = 8;

private String wordList[]= "dog", "house", "part", "mother", "earth" ; private String goalWord; individual int nGuessesLeft; private wordDisplay gb;

public gameJudge()

nGuessesLeft = MAX_GUESSES; return;

public void pickWord()

Random obRand = new Random(); int i = obRand.nextInt(wordList.length); goalWord = wordList[i]; gb = new wordDisplay(goalWord);

public boolean gameEnded() if (gb.blnMatch()) return true; if (nGuessesLeft ==0) return correct; else return false;

public boolean blnWin () return (gb.blnMatch() ); //player won

public int getRemainingGuesses() return nGuessesLeft;

public String getWord () return goalWord;

public void displayWord() gb.showWord();

public int nGuessesNeeded () return MAX_GUESSES - nGuessesLeft;

// end regarding gameJudge type

3 Enter the resource code that presents the letters regarding the target word. Save this file with the others also call up it wordDisplay.java:

import website.*;

public quality wordDisplay

exclusive String strDisplay; private String strGoal; exclusive String lettersTried; // the letters player has tried

public wordDisplay(String str)

strGoal = str; strDisplay = new String(str); lettersTried = new String(""); strDisplay = strDisplay.replaceAll(".", "_"); return;

public void exposeLetters(String str)

String strRE; //If a guess yous longer than 1 char, uncover all or no letters

if (str.length() == 1) // concatenate new letter along with letters already tested lettersTried = lettersTried + str; strRE = "[^" + lettersTried + "]"; // hide all non-matching chars: replace all letters with target that execute Not match pattern by way of the underline strDisplay = strGoal.replaceAll(strRE, "_");

else if (str.compareToIgnoreCase(strGoal) == 0) strDisplay = strGoal;

public boolean blnMatch() return ( strGoal==strDisplay );


4 Compile and operate the program: choose Start>"cmd" and operate "cd <dir>" to navigate to the folder containing the .java source files. The "<dir>" refers to that is directory. Set the path to the java compiler: "set Trail= C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\bin". Replace the "1.6.0_14" with the proper model of your compiler, which you may make away from the documentation inside the JDK you downloaded.

5 Make copies of the original source files and modify the game. Start by means of changing the wordList variable, also also the MAX_GUESSES constant.


Java Game Programming Tutorial

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