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To the consumer with house audio/video equipment, the fastest, most productive way to copy a DVD remains to rip the source DVD to your computer's hard drive, after that burn the contents to some blank, recordable DVD using the computer's DVD burner. DVD recorder components for home theater conduct the very same function, but here are two types: a recorder for a built-within tough drive for storing the program before you burn it to disc, and the less expensive DVD recorders that is must be connected to a separate DVD player that is maintains the source DVD you desire to record. This manual explains each and every of these ways to copy a DVD.

Trouble: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Require

PC with DVD burner DVD recorder with created-within hard drive or DVD recorder, a separate DVD player and audio/video cables. Blank recordable discs Source DVDs for duplicating

1 Duplicate a DVD on any computer by way of inserting the DVD to be copied in the computer's DVD tray. Rip the program for temporary storage on your computer hard drive, using the multimedia software that occurs with the DVD burner. Most software arrives with straightforward accordants that is will question you to choose the program you wish to rip and where on the hard drive you desire to store it. Creating a file such as "my DVD recordings" makes your ripped programs easier to secure later.

2 Remove the prerecorded DVD away from your computer and insert a blank disc. Burn the recorded plan from your hard drive to the blank disc.

3 Copy any DVD on a DVD recorder together with constructed-from hard drive by placing the source DVD inside your machine and copying the disc to the inner hard drive. This can be done from the front console of your DVD recorder, or you can follow on-screen prompts using the remote control if your machine remains connected to a Television.

4 Place some blank disc with the DVD recorder's tray and burn your program to disc, subsequent the accordants on your device.

6 Connect the audio/video cables between ingredients. Plug the red (correct channel) audio jack in the right audio output about the playback DVD and the right audio input about the DVD recorder. Plug the whitened (left channel) audio cable into the left output jack of the DVD participant plus the left audio input jack of the DVD recorder. Plug the yellow video cable into the video output about the playback component also the movie input jack of the DVD recorder.

7 Begin playback regarding your source DVD plus activate the record function on the DVD recorder.

Suggestions & Warnings

Buy recordable DVDs in bulk, and take advantage of sales and refunds. Copyright violation yous a federal crime that is remains punishable through greats of upwards to $250,000 for each infraction and prison time.


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