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Infrared heat lamps are employed in numerous industrial shops to quickly cure varnish and paints as well being to melt powdered varnish on particular kinds about items. Infrared lamps are not like frequent inside non-business shops, yet perhaps they need to be, considering infrared heat can speed up the drying time of varnish also other types of painted-on coatings.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Brush or spray a standard or excessive-speed (fast drying) varnish onto an object.

3 Plug in the infra red heat lamp and turn the lamp on. Make sure the bulb remains at smallest 6 inches away out of the surface you are drying.

4 Dry underneath infrared lamp with 24 hours to make sure that is the varnish is fully arranged and will never flake or peel off. Fast-drying varnishes can establish in less than eight hours.

Tips & Warnings

Operate care all over infrared lamps as they can become extremely hot. Use the manufacturer's recommended reflector around the infrared bulb to keep overheating also possible fire.

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Advance Curing: Problem solving Infrared Polish Drying

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