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Let's say you have some lot regarding penned notes that you want to transfer into some computer file and edit from time to time. You could carry the spare time to type the information in by hands, though there's a much quicker method. You may scan the document in also obtain the words automatically converted into computerized letters and text that is can be edited. Inside purchase to do this you need Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Want

OCR software Scanner Image editing software Web hosting account

1 Open your OCR software system so that it remains ready to accept newly scanned files.

2 Scan your document in your computer. Be sure that is the page that you want to scan remains whereas distinct whereas feasible, with dark ink so that the scanner can pick up each word. If the bit is handwritten instead regarding typed, the words ought to be printed (penned in separate, unrelated letters) if on all possible, being quite a few OCR systems contain a hard time deciphering script (cursive) handwriting.

4 Start the word processing system to the file that you just converted. Available the file and edit your document. Depending on the quality of the scan and OCR software, you may possess to perform extensive editing (for example, "ri" can include been erroneously translated as "n"). Keep your spell-checker on as you edit to catch all mistakes.

The Google Way

1 Google also has a built from OCR program. Whenever you find some website in the Google search engine that is immediately linked to a PDF file, you boast the option to read it either as a PDF or on HTML (text). Consequently to start away, scan in your document.

2 Convert the document to a PDF. You can do this with simply saving the picture because a PDF file with your image editing software (like Adobe Photoshop). Or, on a Mac by way of OSX, clicking "Print" and hitting "Save as PDF."

3 Upload the PDF file to your website hosting account (or you can use a free website hosting assistance these kinds of being Geocities) plus produce the file public. Take note of the exact web address to the PDF file.

4 Submit the link address to Google Submit (see Means) so that it will be indexed and present increase in Google seek results (this could take a couple of days).

5 Find your PDF file on the Google seek out engine through typing in the exact web link to the PDF file. Click the option to download it as an HTML file.

Suggestions & Warnings

Some scanners appear built in with OCR software to automatically convert your scanned image into any editable word file.

If you will need to change a lot about scanned pages to word, invest with a scanner that has an automatic feeder (similar to a printer). See Resources for one example regarding one particular about these devices.


More on scanning files for OCR software OCR software Google submit Scanner through page feed mechanism

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maryanna21 Jun 11, 2010 Make no error, no software on this planet may insure 100% accurate conversions for you(unless of course your document is scanned image excellent), which means handbook corrections are certainly obligatory inside almost all cases. If you want pros to detect errors & proper your document,will save you the drudgery of picking grammatical or other good blunders that waste spare time- simply click "offline transformation" and you will experience manually corrected document arrive in your On mail box automatically.

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