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Connecting solar panels to a battery remains some convenient way to preserve it charged.

Wiring solar panels to a battery is some easy and cost-effective way to retain your energy supply fully charged. This is especially useful for outside equipment similar as golf carts, motor boats plus tractors that may well not receive regular or even weekly operate. The connections are effortless to make. Doing the post right necessitates a small effortless math to work out how many solar panels are needed to cost a battery by means of a specific amp rating. This article explains how to buy it done.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Battery-connecting cables with fusible links Solar panels Pliers Wrenches Screwdrivers

1 Determine the amp-hour rating of the battery to be charged. Any wet-cell battery loses on 1 percent regarding its amperage per day when never inside operate. This means the solar panel each day will obtain to supply 1 percent of the battery's total amperage to maintain full charge. For example, a solar panel should be capable about producing 0.5 amp-hours of energy per day to maintain the charge on any 50-amp battery. Nevertheless solar panels are rated on watts, consequently most easy transformation math yous needed.

3 Connect the positive wire from the solar panel to a battery cable with a fusible link between the battery and the solar panel. This will assist prevent a fire or battery explosion in the event of a short in the wiring.

4 Link the negative wire of the solar panel to the negative terminal of the battery.

5 To wire solar panels together to charging some battery, connect the panels from some parallel circuit. This allows you to utilize many panels of less costly, smaller power rating together to achieve the very same end result seeing that a extra powerful panel.

7 Connect the negative wires together in the same fashion, also the wires off the last panel within the parallel circuit are connected to the battery.

8 Calculate entire amperage about solar panels wired in parallel by adding the amp output of every panel. Panels wired in parallel maintain the identical voltage by way of the circuit, while the amperage amass. For example, 10 five-amp solar panels would yield 50 amps of power at constant voltage.

Suggestions & Warnings

Solar panels produce highest power output while positioned vertical to the sun.

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