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Like every other mobile phone with make use of these days, your iPhone is assigned a exclusive, 17-digit number known seeing that the International Mobile Equipment Identity, or IMEI. The IMEI number is employed to identify your telephone as some gadget special to whichever cellular network you are using. Changing or removing your IMEI amount can be done by means of using any third-party plan recognized as ZiPhone. If your device is all the same below manufacturer's warranty, be forewarned that is removing the IMEI number might void the warranty.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Want

1 Download the ZiPhone file to your desktop and set up the ZiPhone application. (Understand Resources.)

2 Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB sync cable. If iTunes automatically launches when you connect your iPhone to your computer, subsequently quit plus near the iTunes application before proceeding.

3 Bring increase your computer's command prompt by way of navigating to the "Start" menu and clicking on "Operate," subsequently typing "cmd" and pressing the "Ok" button. If you are using any Mac, then open the "Terminal" application.

4 Type "cd Desktop/ZiPhone" into the command accordants window.

5 Type "ziphone" into the command accordant to display a list about possible commands that can be executed.

6 Force your iPhone to enter "recovery manner" by holding down the "Sleep" key at the top regarding the device plus the main button at the bottom device at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone's display. Allow go of the buttons and the iPhone will now display a picture of the iTunes logo and the USB connector. Keep your iPhone plugged to your computer.

8 Press the "Get into" critical on your keyboard to execute this command and remove the device's IMEI number. Do not close the command accordant until the course of action has completed leading plus your telephone has automatically rebooted.


iClarified: How to Change your iPhone IMEI through ZiPhone


ZiPhone Download Page

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