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Who Else Wants To Call Santa Claus And Receive Christmas Memories as A Gift?

Christmas is a child's favorite time of year. With the Call Santa App you can build anticipation for that magical morning weeks ahead. Let your Children or grandchildren call Santa Claus directly from your smartphone. Do not worry about finding the number to call Santa, the area code for the north pole, or even how to call Santa Claus, just let the app do the work. Download the app once and use it anytime.

The timing when calling Santa is important. Choose a time when your child is relaxed and suggest a Santa Claus Call. Your child will be amazed that you have Santa s number on your phone. Let your child dial any number from the built in dial screen and the call will magically connect to the north pole. No need to worry about long distance charges because Christmas magic is free. Kids call Santa Claus on your smartphone and tell Santa their Christmas wishes. Listen as your children tell you exactly what they hope for on Christmas morning.

Gift of Excitement Give the gift of excitement to your children and young family members. Amaze them that you have santas phone number in your phone. Children equate santa with the excitement of christmas day let them have a healthy dose of holiday fun. Feel the Christmas spirit early and get them excited for the big day

Thousands Now Call Santa Claus Who Never Thought They Could Speaking with Santa is a special experience for any child. Everyone knows that Santa is very busy during the Christmas season. But now Santa will have time to discuss Christmas plans with your children.

The Secret Of Christmas Memories In A Smartphone App. Call Santa Claus Directly From Your Phone.

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