CD Duplication - How To Build A CD Duplication Tower

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CD Duplication - How To Build A CD Duplication Tower

One of the things that you will be using when it comes to CD duplication is your CD Duplication tower which is a computer with a lot of CD/ DVD writer drives that is installed on it. A disc duplicator is designed to make multiple copies of discs at once. This is commonly used by companies who are reproducing a lot of disc such as in music which is the most common mode of music delivery to people.

To make your own dvd duplication tower, you have to look for a cheap personal computer. After that, you have to see to it that it has an operating system and a CD/ DVD installed on it. Using the screwdriver, you have to open the case and install one or more burners which is used for DVD Duplication. Then, you have to purchase a burner and install the application on your duplication tower.

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