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Learning scales on the saxophone will drastically improve your overall capacity.

The alto saxophone is some fantastic outlet for your creativity. Music from a wide range of genres can be performed on the tool, including traditional, jazz and rock and roll. Music is made up of chords and scales, also the more you learn, the better your technique turn into. Here are numerous scales to find, except the effort is valued at it, as you will be enhancing all areas of your performing. Through regular practice you can master these scales.


things you'll need:

Alto saxophone List of scales Fingering chart Metronome

1 Locate a list of scales to learn. There are many available Web. You can find a fairly comprehensive 1 by way of Paul Elkouss on the "Sax on the Web" forum.

2 Locate one alto saxophone fingering chart to verify fingerings on the notes within the scale. There is one alto saxophone fingering chart on the "Woodwind Fingering Guide" internet site.

3 Practice the scale in all twelve keys. Start slowly, expanding the tempo on your metronome as the slower tempo becomes easier.

Sax on the Web: Jazz Scale Sheet Woodwind Fingering Guide: Saxophone Fingering Charts

Photograph Credit: study of an outdated sax picture by way of John Sfondilias from internet site ;

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