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by Martha Matthews I employed to completely loath cleaning my bathrooms. It was so much function (or so I believed) that I would procrastinate until my husband would threaten to call the wellness division. One particular day, a buddy of mine showed me this routine that has helped me retain my sanity by finding this dirty job accomplished swiftly. She introduced me to the 15 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine and my life has never ever been the very same. I was lastly totally free from the drudgery of mildew and soap scum buildup. No much more tooth paste petrified on my faucets. Gone was the black ring around the tub that looked like a nicely placed pinstripe. I was lastly free of charge to let the door remain open when business came more than. Wow! My family members didnt even recognize the area. They had been stunned. I can honestly say that this room is now my pride and joy. Now my buddies marvel at my cleaning prowess. My bathroom was so negative that it took a tiny additional effort the 1st time I used the routine, but right after the initial deep cleaning, it was a breeze. You too can overcome the bathroom blues by following these easy and effective twelve measures. 1. Take away the knick knacks and spot them in the hallway. two. Take away the throw rugs and shake them out. Put them in the laundry to be cleaned if required. three. Sweep or vacuum the floor. 4. Spray the counter best and let your cleaner do the perform. five. Spray the mirror and wipe it down. six. Spray the toilet with cleaner inside and out. Let the cleaner sit. 7. Go back to the counter top. Scrub and wipe it down. eight. Spray the bath tub and shower down (you might not want to do this every week if your bath tub doesnt get that dirty). 9. Scrub the inside of the toilet with a brush. Flush the toilet to rinse the bowl. Wipe down the seat and rim of the bowl. Dont forget the place behind the seat and the outside of the toilet bowl and base. ten. Scrub the tub down and rinse. Hint: if you want to clean the shower curtain you can wash it by itself in the washing machine in cold water on the delicate cycle. Throw in a bath towel to support scrub the curtain clean. Remove it promptly and hang it back up in the shower to drip dry. Never ever put it in the dryer. 11. If you have linoleum or tile, mop the floor. If the room is small, you can spray your cleaner directly onto the floor and wipe it up with a sponge or cleaning cloth. Let dry for ten to fifteen minutes. 12. Put back the rugs and knick knacks. Check your toilet paper supply. Place out fresh towels. The entire procedure should take fifteen minutes, not counting the time to let the floor dry. It will take even less time if you dont have to clean the tub and shower. I only clean ours as soon as a month since it doesnt get that dirty since we use an immediately after shower spray that keeps the soap scum from stick to the shower surface. There are two keys to a quick clean up: 1) Let the cleaner sit lengthy adequate to loosen up the dirt and disinfect the surface. 2) Clean the bathroom every single week. Pick a day that is your bathroom cleaning day and just do it. When you preserve up on your cleaning it doesnt turn into such an insurmountable project. Cleaning supplies. 1) Utility caddy to carry your supplies. The dollar retailer usually has these. two) Rubber cleaning gloves. 3) Scrubber and sponge combination created for cleaning the bathroom. four) Window cleaner. five) All-purpose cleaner. six) An old toothbrush to get at those hard to reach locations. 7) One particular roll of paper towels. eight) Pumice stone for hard water construct up in the toilet bowl. 9) Toilet brush (unless you maintain 1 in every bathroom like I do). Thats it. Happy cleaning! secret safe

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