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Bootcamp Sunderland - Environmental influence reduction/elimination will be the next generation of scoliosis treatment.

Idiopathic scoliosis is primarily a neurological condition that creates an child's spine to start twisting and bending around its very own axis during adolescent growth spurts. For unknown reasons, it effects females in a much higher rate than males as well as the peak incidence for rapid scoliosis curve progression is 12 years of age.

While the exact reason for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis remains unknown, recent scientific breakthroughs in the area of genetic testing (Scoliscore) have helped determine the multi-factorial (having both environmental and genetic components) nature of the condition.

Environmental Influences + Genetic Pre-disposition = Idiopathic Scoliosis

Bootcamp Newcastle - Conventional scoliosis treatment methodology (scoliosis brace treatment and scoliosis surgery) are solely focused on treating just the spinal curvature, rather than the underlying environmental influences that match the genetic pre-disposition that truly causes the spinal curvature. Any efforts to deal with just the spinal curvature, without reducing/eliminating the environmental influences is going to have a minimal success rate and very limited long-term benefit.

A brand new scoliosis treatment process and methodology is emerging in line with the idea that scoliosis can be prevented and maybe even cured using a scoliosis treatment program that concentrates on the cause, not just the bend. This "environmental influence" reduction/elimination approach to scoliosis treatment will usher inside a new generation in the field of scoliosis treatment.

What are "Environmental Influences" in scoliosis?

The main topic of environmental influences in scoliosis is really rather under-studied and relatively poorly understood, but the topic does appear match 3 categories.

Bio-mechanical: Mis-alignment of the center mass with the head and pelvis with regards to the torso, trauma related ligament damage within the spine, and loss of the normal "good spinal curves" inside the side view dimension.

Bio-Chemical: Nutritional deficiencies (Selenium?), chronic myco-bacterium infections?

Specific Activities: Vertical compression of the spinal column (Weight lifting above one's head, trampoline), activities the main cause a "flattening" of the back (back bends, using one's stomach).

What is a "Scoliosis BootCamp" program?

Personal Trainer - Doctors from around the globe have set out to re-invent scoliosis treatment using the mission and mind-set to locate a better way to treat scoliosis down the road. The driving philosophy behind the creation of the treatment methodology would have been to treat the presumed cause of the scoliosis condition, not merely the spinal curvature (symptom). Incredibly enough, it functions very consistently and frequently with dramatic results. Since these clinics are fairly limited internationally inside them for hours a parent and child go on to a location close enough to journey to a treatment center for 4-6 months isn't possible in most cases, the doctors of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute allow us a "Scoliosis Boot Camp" or intensive care program for non-local scoliosis patients.

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