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Deserts can be hot places with auto trouble. Follow these steps and you'll be able to hold it cool.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

2 Get any full-service tuneup (recommended at 30,000 miles, 60,000 plus thus on). Bring your car inside for assistance at least a week or double before you plan to depart - don't delay until the day previous to.

3 Check your car battery terminals with corrosion. Terminals can be cleaned with a wire brush dipped inside baking soda and water. Add distilled water to the battery (if applicable - some batteries are sealed).

5 Inspect your tire-tread wear also maintain the proper air pressure indicated in your owner's manual.

6 Inspect the radiator for leaks. Contain the radiator "pressure checked" for leaks that are not clear on a visible inspection.

7 Have your mechanic check for "play" in the drinking water pump.

8 Test the coolant energy in the radiator overflow reservoir with a hydrometer. The antifreeze must be clean and upward to the appropriate level.

9 Replace the coolant and/or flush the cooling program if this hasn't been done in the last 15,000 miles.

10 Examine all belts also hoses linked with your cooling method carefully. Make absolutely here are no cracks or leaks. Replace any you contain doubts about, and carry additionals.

11 Make a habit of watching the temperature gauge. Change off the air conditioning if the engine temperature gets too high.

12 Verify all the vehicle's fluids: oil, coolant, brake liquid, power steering and automated transmission liquid (if applicable), hydraulic clutch fluid (if applicable) also windshield washer liquid .

13 Change the oil also oil filter - it need to be modified every 3,000 miles.

14 Be particular your headlights, taillights, brake lights and turning data work, and replace bulbs as necessary.

16 Check your tires, producing sure they're correctly inflated and have plenty about tread.

17 Check that your free tire, jack and tire tools are with good working condition.

18 Put air in the free tire.

19 Take extra oil, drinking water, antifreeze, ATF and brake fluid with the trunk of your car.

Tips & Warnings

Remember that intense heat and higher speeds are troublesome on old, worn tires and brand-new ones. Pack a survival package containing extra water, a knife, a plastic spray bottle, concentrated food, matches, any collapsible shovel, blankets and thorough maps of the areas you're visiting. Join an auto club enjoy the American Vehicle Association (AAA) or ask if your insurance coverage includes emergency roadside assistance. Travel in a cellular phone.

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