Black Friday TV Deals On Reviews Samsung PN64D8000 And LG 42LV5400

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Black Friday TV Deals at and other major electronic retailers will be a topic on the minds of many Americans over the next several months. With a growing number of Americans struggling when it comes to money it will likely be the case that many of these people will want to find the lowest prices for a Samsung, LG or other HD TV for the man in their life this holiday season. Luckily, along with most retailers realize that Americans are looking to save money so they have created some very attractive deals and sales for Black Friday.</h2>

About Samsung, I have review PN64D8000 Model  from customer...
This picture is so good that you can see the makeup cover-up on the actors' zits, blades of grass and any imperfections that exist on a local news set. I did not know that the picture being this much better would show so many things that I did not want to see.. LOL! I am actually painting the chrome base because I find it a distraction while watching the TV. I had eye surgery 20 years ago and I have an annoying starburst with shiny objects but... everyone else loves the chrome base. The bright window next to the TV set has more reflection on this plasma than on my Sony Lycos rear projection that I replaced. That is my only complaint and I am REALLY PICKY!! The apps are way more than I will ever use. The set-up is a snap. The controls are extensive and easy to use. LOVE the remote with the keyboard. I got the Samsung over the Panasonic because of all of the bad reviews I read on Panasonic's customer service vs. Samsung's. I bought this online from a Plasma seller and had a wonderful experience. I bought this TV for its awesome 2D picture. I don't give a rip about the 3D feature. BTW you can check face book and email while watching TV. A Techs dream!

About LG, I have review 42LV5400 Model  from customer...
This is in all probability the best seller on this tv for the price. Initially, I was going to purchase the lowest priced, LG Infinia 42LV5400 I can purchase but I ended up purchasing this one because for 42-inch LED TV, this is less expensive than most LCD TVs plus the smartTV option was outstanding for me since I do not truly watch much actual TV but I needed my Netflix workings.

Got my TV, hooked up the LG wifi USB stick, connected to Netflix within seconds and my kids were watching their favourite kid’s movies off netflix and we still have no cable!

The Television is super thin, uses less energy than some other Television on the market, and the pic quality is outstanding positive the screen is 42-inches, lovin’ it. I used to have a 46-inch but this 42-inch is definitely a great addition to my home.

I know Hulu is coming soon through software update and when that comes my TV will be even better.

For those of you looking for spend around $539.48-1349.99 on this tv you can afford, this is definitely it.

And also I don’t want 3D yet and this is very well since it is not added to the cost of my Television

Overall, LG 42LV5400 is the best 42-inch LED Television you will find anywhere, great prices, I’m  highly recommend this tv Guarantee you will not be disappointed.

I hope customer reviews LG and Sumsung if choice give you because it both model is the bestseller.



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