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The Pennsylvania Insurance Department offers a express-sponsored fitness insurance plan called PA Fair Care. This plan assists exclusive adult population, considered difficult to insure mainly because they have pre-existing fitness conditions that is prevent them from obtaining coverage somewhere else. PA Fair Care will protect preventative care, physician supports, diagnostic testing, hospitalization, mental health supports and prescriptions. Enrollment is reduced to 3,500 individuals due to funding constraints and is administered by Highmark Blue Shield. If PA Fair Attention is unavailable to you, get an insurance broker who may help you find health insurance.

Difficulty: Reasonable


3 Complete the application. Experience your Social Stability number, current and recent health insurance information and evidence of citizenship handy to solution the application questions. Follow the instructions to comprehensive the Web application, e-Form # H7720952. You will supply information and response issues on where you live, make contact with information, prior health insurance coverage plus current health conditions. Click "Submit e-Variety" on completion.

4 Wait to written notification from the Express of Pennsylvania stating your approval or denial of coverage. If you have any query roughly suitability, the application process or the plan itself, find solutions to frequently asked questions on the PA Fair Care web site or call 888-767-7015.

5 Speak to any licensed Pennsylvania healthiness insurance agent. To find unique, visit the Nationwide Association of Health Underwriters' website and use the research characteristic to discover an agent. Single will meet with you to discuss your options, obtain several insurance quotes and help you with the application process.

Tips & Warnings

There may be a waiting listing to PA Fair Care. Finding private insurance is possible, nonetheless premiums will likely be higher than average expected to your pre-existing situation.


Pennsylvania Insurance Department: PA Fair Care Pennsylvania Legal Help Network: PA Fair Attention Launched on August 4 Money Matters: Getting Health Insurance When You're Difficult to Insure State Association of Insurance Underwriters: Find exclusive Agent Database


PA Fair Care: Apply to Advantages

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