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Request one EPP if you may't pay a payday loan

If you can't pay back any payday credit, one solution is to request an Extended Payment Plan (EPP). If your payday loan company is a member of the Community Monetary Services Association (CFSA), they've promised to approve a EPP each year for every customer. Even payday loan corporations that aren't members of CFSA may agree to it, or there may be a provision with your state's regulation to permit it.

Exclusive EPP, as recommended through the CFSA, allows you to pay the balance of the loan from four equal installments on your next four paydays, with no extra fees or interest. You need to take on certain steps to request an EPP, though.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Determine if your payday credit company is a member about CFSA. If they are, they need to have the CFSA's blue oval sticker on display in their office, or may point out it on their website if they're an online lender. You may likewise check the list of members at the CFSA website, although all may not be listed here. See the Resources area below for some link. If your lender yous a CFSA member, the steps below will get you approved for one EPP. If your lender isn't, you may still try requesting any comparable plan.

2 No later than the close up of organization on the day Before your loan is due, contact your payday lender. You must contact the lender the similar way you took out the loan, in person if it was in some stroll-in office, or online if it was Internet. Don't wait with the final minute, though. You can contact it whenever you realize you won't be able to fork out. Notify them that you need to question for an Extended Expense Strategy. The requirements are in a link in the Assets area below, and you can even print out that page and acquire it by you, if you want. The payday loan firm will give you an arrangement to sign, listing the new payment schedule. If fees have already been added to the loan, they'll be involved from the balance, though no new fees or interest should be extra.

3 If the payday loan firm is a member of the CFSA and denies you an EPP, even though you've met all the qualifications, complain to the CFSA. They may assist you with any problems concerning members who aren't residing up to their membership agreement. Call the CFSA hotline during business hours eastern time, at 888-572-9329 or email them at internet site. You can likewise print out and mail in the complaint form linked within the Assets area down below.


CFSA Extended Payment Plan guidelines CFSA members list CFSA complaint style (pdf file) Questions and Answers

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