Badge yg kampus bro yang ducked itu ud c i 17x kok gk unlock ya 34

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Difficulty: Easy


1 Unlock you iPhone by pressing and holding either the Household button or the Rest/Wake button at the best of the device. Some red slider will appear on your screen. Drag the slider with your finger.

2 Restart the iPhone. Hold the Sleep/Wake button till the red slider appears on the iPhone screen. Then require your finger and run it across the slider on your screen to turn your phone off. To turn your iPhone on, hold the Slumber/Wake key again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

3 Reset your iPhone by way of holding both the Rest/Wake and Household buttons for about 1 internet site seconds or until the Apple emblem appears.

4 Force your application to quit. If your iPhone appears frozen or won't quit exclusive application, carry the Sleep/Wake key until the red slider appears on your iPhone screen. In that case hold the Home button until the application quits.


Apple: iPhone Owner Guide

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