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The CMHC Mortage Loan Insurance allows the home patron to available some mortgage with any minimum 5 percent down payment.

Purchasing CMHC mortgage loan insurance is some duty for most mortgage lenders when the purchaser generates a down payment about less than 20 percent regarding the complete home price. Calculating the CMHC mortgage loan insurance policy is exclusive easy process by means of the Web calculator provided with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Companie.


1 Go to the Mortgage Affordability Calculator at the CHMC website.

2 Get into the needed figures in the areas provided. If you cannot provide exact figures, you can guess those figures based on your existing income and expenses. Click the "Calculate" button whenever you are finished.

3 Duplicate down the estimated figures for your maximum figures for your mortgage, home price, monthly mortgage payment, plus Mortgage Credit Insurance Premium. These figures should be accepted as ballpark figures because they do never take into consideration other sources of income and expenses. These figures provided likewise manage not include applicable taxes and fees that are necessary for closing a mortgage.

Tips & Warnings

The insurance premium may be settled individual away from the mortgage or re-calculated inside your monthly mortgage payments.


Canada Mortgage plus Housing Organization: What is the CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance policy? Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation: Mortgage Affordability Calculator

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