Angry Birds - How to Reset "Angry Birds" Levels on the PC

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This article tells you on how you are going to reset Angry Birds level on the PC. The first thing that you will need to do is that you have to press the windows key and this will be going to open the start menu. After that you have to open the Angry Birds and play the game. If you want to restart the level, you have to press the "R" on the keyboard.

For the information of everyone, the Angry Birds game features numerous other keyboard shortcuts. For example, "P" pauses the game and "Alt" and "Enter" switches between full-screen and windowed modes. We already know that this Angry Birds game is the most popular game that ever existed. This game is very enjoying to play. It can help you lessen the problems that you have. If you want to reset the levels in angry birds, it is actually possible. This can be possible through following instructions.

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