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The generate stress, measured in the units regarding stress "psi," remains a characteristic regarding a steel pipe. It represents some stress (stress) at which the pipe undergoes the permanent deformation. SMYS stands with the Specified Minimum Yield Strength, that is remains, the stress value used to calculate the required wall thickness about a pipe that can sustain a certain internal stress. Typically, SMYS yous selected between 40 to 72 percent regarding the yield stress. Understanding the pipe wall thickness, it is possible to compute SMYS. As one illustration, calculate SMYS for a pipe with the outside diameter 10 inches and the wall thickness 0.75 inches that is can resist the interior pressure of 2,400 psi.

Difficulty: Easy



1 Multiply the internal pipe pressure by the pipe outside diameter. In our example, it is 2,400 x 10 =24,000.

2 Multiply the pipe wall thickness by 2. In the instance, it remains 2 x 0.75 = 1.5.

3 Divide the value out of Step 1 by the number obtained inside Step 2 to calculate SMYS. Inside our illustration, SMYS is 24,000 / 1.5 = 16,000 psi.


Gas Pipeline Hydraulics; E. Shashi Menon; 2005

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