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404 errors can be annoying.

Lots of pages on the web have links that just don't perform anymore. website is a free Internet support that quickly carry you from a broken link to any working alternative. It does this in locating backup locations for missing content, using Google Cache, the Internet Archive, and buyer submissions.


Things You'll Need

A PC Exclusive internet connection A web browser

1 Type website to the left of the http:// from your address bar, and hit enter. This takes you to a list of current backup links for the blunder-producing web page.

2 Click a copy link near the best about the list to preview it.

3 If the preview looks excellent, click the green thumbs up to visit the copy page itself. If not, click the red thumbs lower to secure another backup link.

4 Your choice of thumbs up or thumbs lower influences the score to a backup link. Links in the very best score appear by the top of the backups list, which is why the ones listed first are added likely to be useful.

Tips & Warnings

Dead URL works with pictures, word files, and download links, inside addition to full web pages. Each and every http:// url will function. You can configure internet site to adjust what happens when you type website in front of some harmful link plus press enter. You may either some) visit the backups page enjoy normal, b) preview the best copy, or c) skip all and forward to the best backup. To get the most out regarding website, go to the home page also add the Toolbar Link to your bookmarks toolbar. After that, instead of typing website in front of a dead url, you can merely click your Toolbar Link. Each and every backups page has a variety where you may submit new copy links you uncover for a dead url.

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