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It is officially spring. The Bradford pear trees are draped in the foam of blossoms, its marine connotations echoed by the white petals fishy odor. The sticky red buds on maple branches smell sweet and acidic, a mixture of hot metal and honey. On most mornings I step outside and feel uplifted by the bracing freshness. cheap perfume works better than a cup of coffee!

As I enter the subway, I realize that these days I smell more perfume. Since people wear fewer layers, the sillage can be overwhelming. The usual green apple and peach scents of hair products are now supplemented with the fragrances I recognize. On Monday, I sat next to a girl wearing Dior JAdore. On Wednesday as I was heading back home, a guy wearing Thierry Mugler Angel and tight black jeans complimented me on my perfume�CI also wore Angel. Yesterday, my friend and I had to navigate the sushi bar to avoid a lady wearing half a bottle of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. And this morning I smelled the dewy gardenia and coffee at Starbucks. Not much of a scent revelation, but it made for a more memorable morning.

Image: Pear Blossom by kellygifford via flickr, some rights reserved.When I reviewed Lushs powdery jasmine fragrance, Silky Underwear, I mentioned that I had once splurged on their Flying Fox shower gel in the small size (100 ml, which looks sooo much smaller in shower gel than it does in perfume). I didnt think Id ever spend that much on shower gel again, but then I started to miss it. Lo and behold, now I have another bottle, brand perfume along with a small bottle of Its Raining Men.

Flying Fox is yet another one of Lushs many jasmine bombs. Im all out of their Jasmine & Henna Fluff Ease at the moment, so I cant compare the fragrance, but discount perfume is a big sweet honeyed jasmine with ylang ylang, and is probably at least vaguely related to their Lust perfume. The smell is strong and rich �� really, almost too strong and rich �� and so is the gel itself��

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