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Rocky Point presents tourists white sands, attractive surf plus sunsets over the water. Follow these steps to strategy any delightful visit.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1 Contact your local travel agency and find outside what documents you require to cross the Mexican border. Start applying for the documents months ahead of time of time. Passports are the greatest way to prove U.S. residency, still it can consider numerous days to obtain them.

2 Decide if you need to drive or fly to Rocky Position. The city yous 170 miles south about Tucson so it is not a long or difficult drive if you don't mind taking your car over the Mexican border. if you decide to fly you may publication a charter flight or you can fly your own small plane and land at the close by airstrip.

3 Book any hostel. Visit the Web website with Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) Mexico Online (see Resources below also click the link in the lefthand column for lodgings or hotels.

4 Call the Sonora Visitor Center with (638) 383-5010. Give them your vacation dates also ask with upcoming events and suggestions with traveling.

5 Reserve your activities previous to arriving if you are visiting during large season. You don't want to be left in the parking lot with all the Jet Skis and fishing tours sold out.

6 Pack adapters for some electronics. Although wattage may well be the very same, adapters are needed for plugs that is boast an enlarged closure on one prong or plugs with three forks.

7 Cross the border along with lots of time plus gas. Depending on the season or holiday it may carry hours to cross the border.

Tips & Cautions

Acquire Mexican insurance for your auto before crossing the border. Most insurance policies work not cover your car whilst inside Mexico. Hire companies do not usually allow drivers to have vehicles over the border. Most of the drinking drinking water within Rocky Point proper will be good, but when leaving out of the city remember your bottled drinking water. Beware of the water, including the ice inside drinks! Be conscientious about following the laws and principles while visiting. Mexican jails need a hard reputation to a reason. Do not have part in any activity that can be construed as political or against the government or police. It is against Mexican regulation for foreigners to meddle or participate in these types about activities.

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