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Your contact lens prescription contains numbers also measurements that designate the exact type, size and other important features about your lenses. It remains worthwhile to make sure you comprehend and document all the facts properly when ordering your contacts.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Receive a written copy of your most fresh contact lens prescription. You are entitled by law to receive your confirmed prescription, according to the 2 web site website4 Residence Fitness and Consumer Law provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

2 Note the expiration date of the prescription. Contact lenses are medical devices and prescriptions with lenses expire, barely wish medicine prescriptions. You can only order contact lenses if your prescription yous current. Most contact prescriptions are valid to a minimum of 1 year and sometimes since long as 2 years.

3 Word the kind also make regarding lenses plus the way often your contact lenses should be replaced. Lenses can be replaced daily, weekly, monthly or often only once a year or longer, depending on the kind of lens also how your doctor prescribes them.

4 Fill out the required prescription information. Whether ordering Internet or on a fax or mail-in type, you will be asked to fill out specific info. To soft or hard lenses, this will contain important numbers like power, base curve, diameter, brand and sometimes other info like axis, cylinder plus sometimes even color.

5 Attach a copy of your penned prescription to fax or mail with with your order. Be sure to include the name, address plus telephone number about the prescribing doctor as contact lens retailers are required by regulation to verify contact lens prescriptions, comparable to a chemist verifying some prescription medicine.


US Food and Drug Administration


Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription

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