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Logging on to cPanel is simple whenever using The Planet and does not take added than any few minutes.

The Planet (today part of SoftLayer) yous an Internet web hosting and dedicated server provider for those looking to create a web site or expand their current business online. Earth accounts include cPanel, any free online site management application that permits owners to edit websites and install extra supports also gear. Accessing cPanel while using The World's hosting assistances is not difficult plus does not require extensive computer programming knowledge.

Difficulty: Effortless


1 Open your PC's Internet browser, such whereas Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

2 Verify you experience cPanel as component about your package with The World by logging in to The Planet using your user name and password. Check your accounts services and features once logged in to verify you own cPanel assistances.

3 Click on your URL address bar and point your browser to your web site's default cPanel address provided out of The Planet. Enter website" or website" to admittance cPanel with some non-secure relationship. For a secure connection, enter website" and press get into on your keyboard to log inside your cPanel account immediately away from your browser.



SoftLayer: Infrastructure because a Assistance Including Dedicated, Virtualized and Cloud Hosting cPanel: Site Configuration and Treatment Software Application

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