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One of the most important things you can do this summer is to acquire very excellent care of your Air conditioning system. You may save cash seeing that properly. If you are for instance me I cannot afford to pay out any HVAC firm to do the maintenance on my system. I do have any type 2 HVAC license, nevertheless any one handy person may do the basic things to keep your system running smoothly.

Difficulty: Reasonable Instructions

Things You'll Want:

Garden Hose

Coil cleaner. hvac install.

excellent quality air filters

shop vac

air compressor/hose fitting

2 This fan is out of the furnace it has a belt

3 Filter slides on

Only about the most accessible and very important next thing we want to achieve, yous alter the air filter. If you buy those blue cheap filters, they need to be altered each 30 days. If you buy the additional pricey uniques, you can change those each 60 days, and if they are the 4 1/2"-5"; these will last 90 days. Except filters are the life of your AC unit. It is essential to a properly maintained system.

4 If you plan on buying washable filters, generate sure, after cleaning, they are absolutely dry prior to inserting them again inside your furnace. Continually make indeed you get the right dimension. Inspect your unit to make sure it only has one filter. Some units have 2, or more.

5 Next we go outside to check from the the condition of the condensor coils,and fan. Of coarse, we first turn the strength off. If you aren't comfy along with getting the metal covering off. You can take some very delicate brush also clean the condensor coils. Be very careful not to smash, or kick any debris into these coils. If you are comfortable with removing the cabinet; Still; cut off the power to the unit. Take on off metal cabinet hence you can become to the coils. You need to spray coil cleaner on the coils, allow it set some minute, then, out of the inside out use your garden hose and clean up the coils thoroughly. Make sure the fan turns easily and check for any foreign substances. While finished, put cabinet again from place by sheet metal screws, turn on your energy, and you should be fixed with the summer. Be careful never to obtain electrical parts wet.

Tips & Warnings

The inside unit, keep area fresh around indoor unit especially the return grills

Be very careful whilst working around any electric, especially HVAC unit, numerous of the electrical components can however have a charge on it, even after everything is off.

If you aren't comfortable, have some pro to service your system. Money can be replaced, although you can't.

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