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Tajikistan Airlines has been offering support inside the country about Tajikistan in one form or another since 1924. The airline now follows broadcast agendas and offers regularly scheduled flights to both bordering countries whereas well as flights to Germany, Turkey plus other more distant destinations. With any hub and principal workplace in the capital of Dushanbe, Tajikistan Airlines is the domestic option to become to the previous Soviet republic now rebuilding itself as an independent state. Follow these steps to reserve a flight.


Things You'll Need

Online admittance A passport A visa to get into Tajikistan

Book Tickets on Tajikistan Airlines

1 Employ the Tajikistan Airlines Web website (see Assets under) to publication reservations by means of email.

2 Phone a Tajikistan Airlines representative on Germany in calling 011 (+49) 89 975 94330 for cargo booking information or inquire at just one of their quite a few international offices for passenger flights. Tajikistan has call up centers on Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, India, the United Arab Emirates and Kyrghyzstan as well as at their offices on Tajikistan plus Germany. There is now no endorsed way for English speakers to book flights immediately over the telephone.

3 See any Tajikistan Airlines agent. Speak directly to some Tajikistan factor nearly ticket reservations at their headquarters in Dushanbe or on their office in Munich, Germany.

1 Fly to also from the hub in Dushanbe. All flights on Tajikistan Airlines depart or arrive with the capital city of Dushanbe except with flights between Munich and Istanbul.

2 Use Tajikistan Airlines to travel to Tajikistan from several international locations. Tajikistan Airlines departs out of Moscow, Novosibirsk plus Ekaterinburg in Russia as well as local flights from Tehran, Iran; Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Concentrate on Security While Traveling to Tajikistan

1 Carry copies of your passport and visa when on Tajikistan. Travelers to Tajikistan must be able to identify yourself at all times. They will be asked to indicate travel documentation when registering at hotels.

2 Be careful about potential terrorist activities. Due to government unsteadiness and its proximity to Afghanistan, bombings also other terrorist activity is possible from Tajikistan. On times, restrictions are placed on travel to plus from the country.

3 Exercise caution when traveling on cities. Street crime and violent crime are possibilities on Tajikistan cities also travelers must take on extra precautions when traveling alone or at night. Within addition, travelers are warned never to use public transportation and taxis.

Suggestions & Cautions

All telephone numbers include the U.S. international prefix "011." Whenever calling internationally outside the United States, substitute that "011" together with "00." All land codes are within parentheses and begin with some "+" sign. Get a visa to neighboring countries in order to contain numerous departure options. Tajikistan Airlines does not get a complete Web booking element. (Instead, you fill out an online form submit it to the airline). Each and every questionable interactions with police should be reported to your embassy. Check the U.S. State Department Web site (see Assets below) before you book your flight.

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Behrooz Jul 13, 2008 Step 1 says "view resources below", though there ain't any. Action 1 has any hotlink, still it haves particular to a website that is "under construction." It has been under construction regarding and on for the previous 13 years. (This word is written from July 2008.) A Google search for Tajikistan Airlines or Tajik Airlines produces links to several travel websites, still I have not found one that may tell me something on Tajik Air's schedules, very much less book any ticket. Turkish airlines has flights twice a week among Istanbul and Dushanbe, and the schedules are on the Turkish Airlines web site.

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