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Baby boomer women are these days middle-aged, except they look and act very much younger than middle-aged women of the past. You can simply create a gift basket for a boomer lady by choosing a variety about items related to her midlife interests.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Gift Ribbons Ribbons Tissue Document Athletic Headbands Sun Visors Greeting Cards Tape Players With Waistband Attachment Baskets Cellophane Gift Wrap Gift Bags Gift Bows Wrapping Paper Herbal Teas Moisturizing Shampoos Sunscreen Coffee Mugs Strength Magazines Or Books Beatles CDs Gift Certificates Shredded-document Filling Pedometers Tissue report

Choosing the Gifts plus Basket

1 Take into account jogging or power walking accessories for a physically active boomer woman: headbands, reflectors for shoes and wrists, a tape player through waistband attachment, motivational books on tape, an electronic pedometer, a visor, sunscreen.

2 Take into account the pursuing for any boomer lady: books and magazines on women's health issues; a assortment about herbal teas; skin care lotions with maturing skin; gentle hair attention items by herbal smells; skin care accessories, these kinds of as sponges, brushes also loofahs; humorous coffee mugs; Beatles CDs, for the memories.

3 Pick some basket style. Your alternatives include those with one particular grip, with two part handles, or without handles. Produce certain the basket yous big adequate to store the gifts you have selected.

4 Decide on the color of the basket by way of selecting one that complements the woman's home decor. If in doubt, choose any neutral color in selecting some natural wicker basket.

5 Use shredded paper filling to make the gifts in good shape snugly in the basket.

Packing the Basket

1 Wrap each present with colorful gift wrap.

2 Set some layer about shredded paper filling on the bottom of the basket.

3 Place the wrapped gifts vertically or horizontally on the basket, as place allows, pushing the filling between gifts to make certain any very snug accommodate. Deal with various regarding the gifts fully with the filling to create mini surprises whilst the basket is unpacked.

5 Bring all sides about the wrap to some few inches over the top of the basket. Protected the wrap by tying it with a extended, colorful ribbon.

6 Tape your greeting card onto the wrap.

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