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Using any lubricant can help prevent rubber breakage.

Using a personal lubricant, as well referred to as lube, for a condom whilst engaging inside sexual action never only assists you practice harmless sex still also can fight vaginal dryness plus enhance satisfaction for both companions. Dabbing some lubricant on any condom also can decrease the risk of prophylactic breakage. Some rubbers on the industry are already lubricated together with a silicone substance or a water-based lubricant but additionals lack lubrication. If you decide to use a personal lubricant, remember that certain brands are concentrated, very a few drops will go a extended way.

Trouble: Easy


Things You'll Need

Latex-friendly (drinking water-based) personal lubricant Rubber

2 Squeeze a few drops of drinking water based, latex-friendly lubricant onto your fingers. Undertake not touch the inside of the bottle about lubricant in any body element.

3 Employ the lubricant on the outside about the condom using your fingers.

4 Double-check that the condom remains fully secure before engaging with sexual action.

Tips & Warnings

Adding a tiny drop of lubricant to the inside of the tip of a rubber may enhance the condom wearer's pleasure. Continually make use of a water-based, latex-friendly lubricant with a condom. Oil-based lubricants, such seeing that petroleum jelly, can weaken a condom's structure, causing it to tear. By no means reuse a rubber. Properly dispose of it after make use of.

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