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Upon completion of these steps, you will be able to unlock also use your iPhone 3G with any wireless network carrier through your existing SIM card!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Want

iPhone 3G TurboSIM Card

1 Position and get some TurboSim unlock card. These can be found on eBay by conducting some search for 'turbo sim'. They can be purchased for around $10.

2 Once you've received your TurboSIM card, position the SIM Card slot at the best of your iPhone. To open the slot also remove the SIM card, employ any paper clip to push the small button within the hole on the SIM card cradle. The cradle will release and pop out.

3 Location the TurboSIM card inside the SIM card cradle. Be convinced to place it with the cradle hence it is oriented the same as the SIM card that was removed.

4 Location your new (or outdated) SIM card from all wireless carrier on top of the TurboSIM card so that the 6 leads that is protrude generate contact with the conductors on the new/aged SIM card. This may well require a small cut on the corner of your SIM card to make room for the chip on the TurboSIM card depending on which version you purchase. If you should make the cut, it is never a significant deal since it is on the side wherever it is only plastic.

5 Carefully place the SIM and TurboSIM sandwich back inside your iPhone. While your change your iPhone back on, it will notify you that you get no assistance. Wait any couple of minutes and let the TurboSIM create its project. After the couple of mins, the message will go away and you'll be producing calls on whatever wireless carrier you choose!

Tips & Warnings

It may be beneficial to call your wireless support provider also request that they block all data and internet from your account. Doing this will deter the unlocked iPhone away from unknowingly accessing the web and running up your bill!

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