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Computer-Assisted Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation

Figure 1: A picture from a physiotherapeutic exercise.

A major challenge of the 21st century is how to offer more health care and rehabilitation at a lower cost. It is estimated that every person in Denmark will require physiotherapeutic rehabilitation at least once in his or her lifetime, and this number is expected to increase with the aging society. Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation requires skilled and therefore expensive supervision and the costs are expected to increase as the workforce decreases. The traditional solution is to offer the patient home exercise-programs such as illustrated texts or movies, but these are often difficult to follow. Moreover, they are not easily customizable to the individual patients needs, and often fail to motivate the patients well enough to achieve real progress. Further, home-exercises offer no easy monitoring by health-care professionals, which is why corrections and changes can only be made at larger intervals than is optimal.

Cartoon of rehab system idea
Figure 2: A cartoon illustration of the system being developed.

We perform research in the methods and technology needed for development of a 3D computer vision based tool for computer-assisted physiotherapeutic rehabilitation. For more details see this brief note [PDF] and the publications list.


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The company DigiCorpus ApS was formed as a spin-out of the research conducted within the HUMIM research project.

Source Code

We aim to make as much source code as possible available to the public. This includes the OpenTissue library and our software for articulated tracking.


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