The 17. Danish Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis

DSAGM, The Danish Society of Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (The Danish chapter of IAPR) invites for contributions to the 17th National Meeting. This year the meeting joins The Summer School on Manifold Geometry and Learning in Image and Signal Analysis taking place at the beautiful island of Hven.

There will be no separate registration for the DSAGM-meeting. To register for the Summer School please see below. Notice that the number of participants is limited and that a first-come-first-served principle is used. Authors for DSAGM-presentations must register for the workshop. All participants of the Summer School automatically will be member of DSAGM for the next year.

During the Summer School, DSAGM-sessions (mainly oral but possibly poster as well) will take place. Contributions on topics different from Manifold Geometry and Learning may be accepted. Extended abstracts for DSAGM-presentations must be submitted in pdf-format by email (see below) not later than June 26, 2009. Extended abstracts in other formats will be rejected. Extended abstracts must be written in English, and normally not exceed 2 pages. The extended abstracts will be collected into a proceeding which will be available electronically as a diku-technical report shortly before the meeting is taking place. Information on acceptance, type of presentation (oral or poster) will be mailed to the corersponding author about July 1, 2009. For oral presentations 20 minutes including time for discussion will be allocated.

DSAGM general assembly
The DSAGM general assembly will take place Monday August 17, 2009 at 16:00-17 at the Backafallsbyn conference facilities. There will NOT be arranged special transportation to Hven/Backafallsbyn and back for the general assembly only. DSAGM-members, wishing to participate in the general assembly only may consult Hven-færgen, for possible transportation from Hensingør to Kyrkbackan (a few kilometers from the conference site). The ferry leaves Helsingør at 12:00 and Kyrkbacken at 18:00. Rumors say that a ferry from Lanskrona do take cars.

Registration, fee, accomodation, transport etc
For more information on the Summer School, for registration, transportation, accomodation, fee etc., please see the home page for the Hven Summer School.

Please note that there is no separate registration or fee for the DSAGM-meeting. Registration for the Summer School includes membership of DSAGM in 2009. If you cannot participate in the meeting, but want membership of DSAGM, please see the DSAGM-homepage.

For questions related to The DTU-DIKU Summer School on Manifold Learning in Image and Signal Analysis please contact the Summer-School Secretary:

Sekretær Dina Riis Johannesen,

Datalogisk Institut
Københavns Universitet
Universitetsparken 1
DK-2100 København Ø

Telephone: (+45) 35 32 13 59
Fax: (+45) 35 32 14 01
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